10 Years Experience in the Public Sector

We create Dashboards that help you Do More With Less.
Working within the Public Sector for so long, we have gained an understanding unlike any
other organisation of how Data Analytics can help improve Public Services.
“We're proud of our understanding of data in the Public Sector.
Our knowledge and responsiveness really makes us stand out.”


UK Professionals Who Make an Effort to Understand your Needs.

Implementation of Target Dashboard into your organisation can be fully completed in a matter of days. Our expert team of Project Managers will be there to manage the process and help you in every way. We’ve implemented hundreds of Spreadsheet and Database connections in our nine years of operating, so we know what works fastest and easiest.


Step One

Review Your Data

We find your data, wherever it is and whatever format it is in. We review the details and prepare it for connection.

Step Two

Connect to your Data

Standard plans can connect to Spreadsheets located on your computer or on your network. Operational Plans can connect to live Databases via a variety of methods.

Step Three

Prototype Your Dashboards and Surveys

We will work closely with you and your colleagues to prototype dashboards, charts, graphs, surveys and layouts to make sure your data is displayed in the way that best gives you the information you need.

Step Four

Consider Security

Data Security is a main priority for Target Dashboard. We will establish who will be able to see what dashboards, and ensure complete privacy and security. Secure Access Control is implemented on all Data, Dashboards and Outputs, and viewing right are decided only by those who have Administrative control.

Step Five

Finalised Dashboards and surveys

We will make the final tweaks to your data, dashboards, surveys and reports to ensure you are completely happy with the outputs, before finalising them. Target Dashboard is fully flexible and can be changed and altered to suit your shifting needs at any time.

Step Six

Go Live

Now you’re ready to start using your data like never before. You can analyse your internal KPIs in greater depth, monitor your customer service performance in real time, create beautiful and informative PDF reports and schedule their delivery to colleagues or groups, and much more. Target Dashboard Support Staff will be here to help you at every step of the way. We are able to answer questions, provide assistance with your dashboards and help you to get the most out of your data.