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Customer Service Excellence is becoming more and more important to the Government. Frameworks like “The 3-Step Improvement Framework for Scotland’s Public Services” is putting increased onus on Public Services to improve their service levels and provide Customer Service Excellence. Regular Customer Service Feedback allows for easy, small-scale innovations and service improvements.

  • Collect Feedback from Easy to Build Surveys

  • Analyse with our unique Feedback Console

  • Report with 1000's of Chart and Graph Styles

Use multiple survey types to gather feedback from your users. Send by email, text or online and collate the responses automatically.
Understand your organisation better. Learn more from your users. Analyse where changes can be made using our unique Feedback Analysis Console.
View and Report on your data with one click of a button. Make customised dashboards and schedule PDF reports. Drive real change in your organisation.
"Target Dashboard allows you to monitor Customer Service levels like never before"

Target Dashboard Service Improvement Plan

Using our own intelligent, proprietary toolkit, Target Dashboard provides a one-stop shop for Measuring, Analysing and Reporting on Service Improvement.

Transaction Driven Surveys

Shorter Surveys designed for acquiring feedback from a psecific interaction between a service user and the organisation. This could be feedback after a customer service call, feedback from a housing repair or feedback on the service and facilities after an event you ran.

Sentiment Analysis

Simple, one click feedback designed to measure customer emotion at a specific moment in time, and transforming it into useable data. This can be put into the signature of an email, sent out by email or combined with a text answer to analyse the sentiment of the text.

Outcome Driven Surveys

One-off surveys designed for acquiring more in-depth feedback on a general experience of a user, usually over a longer amount of time. This could be getting annual feedback from service users, or finding out how users feel about a new service after using it for a period of time.

Make your Surveys Work for You

Analysis by Assistive Automation

Using Target Dashboard’s intelligent, automated Analysis tools gives you more information than ever before. Save hundreds of Work Hours that would normally be spent undertaking Paper surveys and manually inputting the data.

  • Assistive Automation takes away the manual work but keeps the control with you
  • Get better insight and make better decisions
  • Improve services in the right way – for the benefit of the Users
  • Inform the right people of outliers in the results with Selective Escalation

Digital Behaviour Tracking

Real-time, actionable feedback from any Source

Our Link Tracking software enables you to find out how your Users are interacting with your feedback methods. Find the best method for every type of feedback and get the most accurate, most comprehensive results.

Customers respond with 1-click feedback using easy-to-understand smileys. Send out through email or text, or use as an email signature for your Customer Services team. Collect and analyse the results using our proprietary algorithms. Display results on your TV Dashboard (fully redactable before display)

Keep Key Stakeholders in the Loop

Automated Reporting saves you time

Using more visual graphics, managing your data in a way that is easy for stakeholders to understand and using charts and graphs to illustrate your successes can make a huge difference in your organisations funding decisions.

  • Use PDF Reporting to show Key Stakeholders what they need to see
  • Save time and effort with Report Scheduling
  • Dashboard Sharing for transparency with added security Control

Data Security for your Organisation

Secure Access and Administrative Control

With Target Dashboard, you can show everyone exactly what they need to see to make better decisions. Create secure user groups and share all or part of your reports with confidence, knowing your figures are safe.

  • Secure Admin access for your safety
  • Data Anonymisation to cleanse all PII, but keep your data useable
  • Choose Access Levels to your Dashboards – Keep your private Data Private
  • Target Dashboard Apps verified for use on Scottish Government Networks

Just 4 Easy Steps to Organisational Efficiency

Connect your Excel Files and Databases
Connect to your data, Excel, CSV, cloud, databases or CRM systems.
Visualise your data
With 100+ graph types, gauges and scorecards you can easily visualise your data in any way.
Discover and share
Learn user behaviour, and make better decisions on Service Improvement
Automated Reports
Automatically or manually schedule and send PDF Reports to Key Stakeholders