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Target Dashboard’s intelligent online platform helps Public Sector organisations to automate their organisational and service data monitoring, and facilitates more informed decision making.

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Automate & Save Time
Saves hundreds of work hours by automating your operational and service reporting
Know More
Understand your organisation better. Learn more from your users. Analyse where changes can be made.
Make Changes
View and Report on your data with one click of a button. Make customised dashboards and schedule PDF reports. Drive real change in your organisation.
7 days
Average implemention time
Unlimited Expert Support
World Class Security
GDPR Compliant
Est. in Glasgow, 2009
£ 4-10K
Typical Total Price

How it Works

how it works
The Basics
- Easy to Use. Easy to Roll out.
- Use Your Existing Excel files
- Create Graphical Dashboards in Minutes

Operational Reporting
- Collate Multiple Sources
- Point at Your Existing databases
- Easy, Powerful Effective

Service Improvement Reporting
- Build Customer Services Surveys
- Sentiment Analysis & Scoring
- Trend and reports on 1000s of Response

Core Package

Our Core package comes with all of the functionality you’ll need to easily connect your excel files to Target Dashboard and begin making Dashboards for your Basic data. Connect up Financials, Targets, Performance Indicators or anything else stored in Spreadsheets form.

  • The UK's Leading Dashboard Solution for Public Services
  • Secure, Live Dashboards & Scheduled PDF Reporting
  • Connect to Your Existing data
  • Easy to Use, Designed for Managers
Now, choose which add on you need to specialise Target Dashboard to your exact requirements…
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Operational Data Dashboards

  • Spot Trends & Make Comparisons

  • Automatically Colour Code Your Metrics


Automated Operational Information

Real Insight | Unparalleled Flexibility | Easy to Use

Gone are the days of fixed data reporting. No need to get IT to run SQL Queries every time you want to find out information. You have control. You can change, evolve and adapt in real-time and make better decisions.

As a manager you can automatically transform your day-to-day data into beautiful graphs, tables and Dashboards. Drill-down into your data for in-depth analysis with one click. Learn more about your organisation and make real, data-backed changes.

An Operational Toolkit For Managers

Access your data, wherever it is and create powerful reports.
Connect your Target Dashboard Application to your Excel files, Internal and External Databases in minutes, facilitating seamless reporting on your Operational Data.

  • Connect to SQL Databases
  • Use you Existing Excel Files
  • Verified for use on Scottish Government Networks
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Dashboards, reports and TV Screens

Service Improvement Data Dashboards

Turn User Sentiment into Real Data

Gather Data | Analyse | Make Decisions | Drive Service Improvement

Target Dashboard’s intelligent Service Improvement Toolkit enables your organisation to gather data from your Users at any point of interaction, from Events Feedback surveys to full Employee Engagement Surveys. Scoring the results is automatic and digital, taking away the hassle and time to input results manually from Paper Surveys.

Gain in-depth insight into Performance Metrics, Customer Voice and Employee Engagement. Use Target Dashboard’s Sentiment Analysis tools to get simple, easy-to-track customer feedback, and use the in-built Reporting System to create and distribute your results by email, PDF, TV Dashboard and more.

The Essential Customer Service Toolkit

Essential Customer Service Improvement Toolkit
A vast array of tools and functionality to help you find out what your service users really think, gain in-depth insight into your services and make changes and improvements. Create Customer Service Excellence.

  • Customer Surveys, Instant feedback, Transctional Feedback
  • Real-time Sentiment Analysis and Escalation
  • Intelligent Analysis Algorithms Help you Focus on the Exceptions
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